The more I have been cooking, the more I have been learning. As we have been shopping at the co-op which is a little more expensive, I have been trying to find ways to cut costs. I used to buy fresh herbs (which I love) for recipes, but so often I only use them for one recipe and then they go bad in my fridge. So from here on out, I am using dried herbs! To save money I also usually make my own salad dressing. I guess I have two specialties 🙂 One is made out of olive oil, honey, brown mustard, rice vinegar, and a little salt. The other one I make is just a simple balsamic dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sugar and shallots. 

The other thing I have been getting better at is improvising. I always knew my mom did that with recipes growing up, but I guess I have had a fear of that until now! I am learning how to get by with what I have, and it is working. Recently I made shepherd’s pie because I realized I had some ground beef, potatoes, and frozen veggies. The recipe called for fresh veggies, and fresh rosemary…but my version turned out just fine. Shepherd’s pie is a great dish cause it makes good leftovers for many days! I like food that stretches!

A guilty/funny food pleasure I had today was this ravioli/tomato soup made for kids from the co-op. Growing up I always wanted stuff like Chef Boyardee, but my mom would never buy stuff like that. So, at the co-op I found organic kid’s soup just like Chef Boyardee! It was a delicious lunch!


~ by rachellovesfood on October 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Improvisation”

  1. Oooh, on our pizza night we should include a salad – I want to try your homemade dressing (esp. the olive oil/honey one)!

  2. Rachel-I am so proud of you. You will soon have the status of the “Homestead Woman”. Since, you like fresh herbs, don’t deprive yourselves-get several terra cotta pots and herb seeds and put in a sunny window. My grandmother (she was a real homesteader) always had fresh herbs year round in her house. Since, you have your own home you plant herbal teas around the house then dry them in the fall and put in decorative jars.
    Since, you and Darren are so creative and good writers you could write a Cookbook. The New Homesteaders.

    Want to do something fun for Christmas presents-no brand new presents unless they are homemade. Otherwise, we give second hand items. I think it would be great fun and help with recycling and the economy.

  3. I was wondering what that mysterious can sitting on the counter was!?

  4. If it is the mysterious can sitting on our counter…it is probably your Christmas present. This is so fun!

  5. haha…poor darren 😦

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