Some recent thoughts


So I haven’t posted on this blog in like a million years (in the blogosphere world). I guess I was focused on other things. But lately (well for the last few months) I have been thinking about all sorts of things related to food. I am currently reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It is a very interesting read, and I have learned a lot from it. She and her family decide to live off of local food for a year, much of that food being the food that they grow- including poultry. It has got me thinking a lot about how American marketing dollars that swirl through the American food system have a lot of us pretty deceived. I know I for one have been deceived. Why is it that we never hear about feedlots, food being trucked in all over the world so we can have fruit in the winter or the rampant use of pesticides on our crops? I think like in all things it boils down to money. So, I have decided to become more educated about all these things related to food.

It really is a bummer that organic food is expensive and that the whole world doesn’t have the funds to access it. It is definitely a dilemma. But it’s expensive because of the labor involved and because of the predominately small farms it comes from. Since it is so expensive, I have made the choice to just buy produce and meat at our natural foods co-op. The rest I will buy at the local grocery store.

Cancer and other common deadly diseases are so pervasive and I am no longer surprised by most of them. Sure there are probably a lot of environmental and genetic factors that play into it all…but I just think the biggest thing has to be what we actually put in and on our bodies. Our American food supply is so toxic, laden with pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics. Our cosmetics and lotions are just as full of chemicals. I see so many “healthy” people that eat regular (non-organic) fruits and veggies like crazy and I can’t help but think to myself — those people aren’t really healthy.

I am currently on the search for a cream/lotion that is natural…one that doesn’t absorb too quickly and that will actually moisturize my dry skin. It’s been a thorn in my flesh lately…nothing seems to work right. Let me know if you know of any good ones!

peace out


~ by rachellovesfood on April 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Some recent thoughts”

  1. Good writing babies!!! You should keep it up. Also, like I said before I like the cute little picture at the top… it’s very you.

  2. reading this scares me so much that here and now, i commit to check out the Wedge for my next shopping trip! i grew up eating food from my grandparents’ farm, and i never realized just how lucky i was until moving here… thanks for keeping us alert and informed, rachel!!

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