2009 CSA Fair


The photo above is of the farm where I will be eating my vegetables from this summer. Beautiful, eh? Billy, Marta, Darren and I checked out the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Fair at the Seward Co-op this weekend. We interviewed all the different farms/farmers about the cost of a share of their CSA, their location, drop off locations, etc. It was a fun process talking with these healthy, sun-kissed farmers. I wanted them to take me with them back to their farms and lifestyle.

The CSA we decided to go with is the Turnip Rock Farm out of New Auburn, WI. A young couple runs it and has a great philosophy/vision for the food they grow. We hope to make a few trips out there this summer for the purpose of seeing the beautiful farm, learning from them and helping with whatever needs they may have.

I am excited about this new endeavor and I suppose a little nervous. I don’t want to be wasteful with these vegetables, but hopefully with the recipes they supply I won’t have to be. I will make some updates on this later in the season once we have had a few boxes of the vegetables. They drop off the veggies once a week June- Sept.



~ by rachellovesfood on April 26, 2009.

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